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Frame 3D doming
Unital has recently released the latest technology
of applying imprints
on the surface of frames –
so called doming. This method allows to produce graphics in full-colour that look more elegant and are very durable (the technology is widely used in automotive industry to decorate the coachwork).
Your inscriptions on the frame gains a new quality and look - more: Doming frames (NEW!)

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About Us

UNITAL is a company with almost 60 years of tradition in the automotive industry. In the beginning the company’s activity was mainly focused on the production of automotive gaskets, but the range of products was expanded to include licence plates a few years later. Plastic frames for license plates were introduced in the late 1980’s and soon became the main area
of activity.

The company is said to be an excellent example of corporate professionalism and innovation combined with typical features of a small, well-managed company – customer-friendliness, personal involvement and flexibility.

UNITAL and its employees are particularly concerned about the most important value - satisfied and dedicated customers. That is the reason why the company continuously does research works and keeps the management system up-to-date.

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